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We recently won the European Language Label Award for 2013.

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LearnOasis language courses are amongst the most comprehensive on the web and on the app stores. They provide everything necessary to meet the needs of both learners and teachers, including full audio dialogues, vocabulary practice, reading practice, grammar presentations, cultural notes and much more …

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Integrated voice recording facilities allow users to record themselves, practise pronunciation and compare themselves with the original speakers.The attractive and easy-to-use interface with clear navigation and tasks has been designed to encourage learners to explore and be active participants.



LearnOasis courses are suitable for all learners, regardless of their educational background. The pedagogical approach caters for academic and non-academic learners. LearnOasis courses fulfill the European Commission’s policy objective of making educational resources accessible to everyone and not just to the academically gifted.



Co-funded with support from the EU,LearnOasis courses are based on Level A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Modern Languages: the international benchmark for defining language proficiency levels.